Earlier in March, members of the TEDxMarquetteU team and 2019 speaker Griselda Aldrete sat down with Marquette President Lovell and moderator Lauren Burke. Their conversation–which covered everything from favorite TED Talks to the future of our organization–was recorded for the Marquette in Milwaukee Podcast.

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Highlights: From Our Roots to Our Future

Team members discussed the reasoning for the upcoming event‘s theme:

Whether you work in Milwaukee, whether you’re a student, ultimately you are rooted here — that goes for our speakers, that goes for anyone who is involved with this. So to have that theme kind of shows that this is who we are. We love Milwaukee and we want to try to make it as amazing as we can, and so through our speakers and through working on this with each of our speakers and each of our committee members, we’re trying to make the best of it that we can.

Yasmeen Atta, Co-Chair of the TEDxMarquetteU Speakers Committee

Aldrete reflected on the relevance of the theme in her life:

I think we all have roots, right? My story is a little bit different just because I was born in Milwaukee, but I was raised in Mexico. So my roots are in Mexico, my mom is Salvadorian, and I’m also Milwaukeean by birth. I’ve kind of spent my time in and out of Milwaukee, but been back since 2006; people say I will never leave but we’ll see. But my roots are here. I think how it’s been explained is, we all can build roots wherever we are and how entrenched we are in a community. I think that’s really special about Milwaukee and so I was really excited about the topic.

Griselda Aldrete, Rooted speaker

And the team mused about their hopes for the future of TEDxMarquetteU:

This is not meant to be an isolated event. We really want this to continue. I know that at some of our meetings we’ve even talked about how we’re going to improve this for next year. I’ve talked to the director, and I’ve talked to Yasmeen, and Kyle about things that we should improve for next year and how we want to make this better. I wouldn’t be doing that if we didn’t plan to make this a continuing thing.

Nathan Gregg, Speakers Committee

We intend to host many more events as TEDxMarquetteU. Follow us to stay up to date and for opportunities to join our team:

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