This is where it all began.

TEDxMarquetteU didn’t happen all at once. We began as a small student group called MarquetteX, and we facilitated a speaker series during the 2017-2018 school year. Some pretty great people were crazy enough to get up on stage under the MarquetteX name. It’s thanks to these brilliant speakers that we have been able to grow into who we are today.

April 2018

Caroline Kupchella ’18
Jamey Schilling ’17
Steve Lewandowski ’20

December 2017

IMG_1004 (2018_02_11 00_13_26 UTC)
Efrain Torres ’19
IMG_0981 (2018_02_11 00_13_26 UTC)
Nathan Gregg ’18
IMG_0963 (2018_02_11 00_13_26 UTC)
Kassie Paul ’19
IMG_0936 (2018_02_11 00_13_26 UTC)
Kevin Brauer ’18